Manufacturing Intelligence

Smart Manufacturing and Intelligent Manufacturing are the new Normal in modern day manufacturing. Manufacturers are increasingly keen on getting complete visibility of their shop floor operations giving them a 360° visibility of their manufacturing process from Raw material to Finished goods.

Greenwave’s Manufacturing Intelligence team works with Technology Platform Providers such as Rockwell, Oracle and MicroSoft to create unique Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions for various industries. Matured over last five years Greenwave’s unique MI Template Repository and Blueprinting Service Framework offer clients a ROI driven adoption of Manufacturing Intelligence Platforms and Solutions


  1. MI Consulting and Blueprinting
  2. Data Extraction Services
  3. IT – OT Integration
  4. MI Implementation
    1. Manufacturing KPIs Reporting and Analytics
    2. Recipe’ Management and Batch Management
    3. Traceability
    4. Electronic Batch Reporting
    5. ERP Integration
    6. Mobility