Renewables & Resources

The Renewable Energy sector is witnessing frantic growth in the sub-continent although the “Energy Return on the Investment” continues haunt investors and developers. The current price levels of Power Purchase Agreements put additional pressure on margins thus making scale a necessary condition for sustainability.

On the natural resources side water continues to be the scarcest natural resource. With industry accountable for nearly 22% of the global water consumption and also the largest contributor to water pollution, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to become Water Positive and compliant to Zero Liquid Discharge norms

Greenwave’s Renewables & Resources team along with Rockwell help Large Corporations extract more out of their alternate energy and renewable energy investments and also work with them in optimizing their water consumption and water impact.


  1. PV Solar Plant Automation and SCADA
  2. PV Solar Analytics
  3. Centralised Management Center for PV Solar
  4. Roof-Top Solar SCADA
  5. Water Treatment Plant Automation
  6. Zero Liquid Discharge – Automation and Reporting