Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry globally is faced with challenge of fast depleting reserves with an ever increasing demand. Coupled with the same the downward spiral of global crude and gas prices and rising cost of operations present the industry with unique set of issues that need to be dealt with innovative technology solutions to optimize the operations cost and that too without compromising safety and quality

Greenwave’s Oil & Gas team helps Large Refineries and Exploration Companies to gain better return on their investments by leveraging Rockwell’s Technology Platform.


  1. Distributed Control System
  2. Gantry Automation System
    1. Tank & Wagon Loading Systems
    2. Truck Terminal Automation
  3. Off-sites
    1. Effluence Treatment Plant Control & Reporting
    2. Flare Gas Recovery System Automation
    3. Captive Power Plant – BOP Automation and Load Shedding Management
    4. DM Water Plant Automation
  4. Pipeline Automation & SCADA
  5. Utility Management Solutions
  6. Safety Solutions