Original Equipment Manufacturers

The OEM industry is perhaps under biggest competitive pressure due to availability of global options with the customers and low cost Chinese invasion of the market. At the same time OEMs worldwide are forced to redraw their design in order to cater to the Digital Demands and IIOT adoptions. Both Built to Stock and Built to Order OEMs are redeveloping their strategy to embrace the new paradigm of intelligent, Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly and Safe Machines.

Greenwave’s OEM team along with Rockwell helps OEMs to create redesign their existing machines and automate the same to cater to the emerging market demands of IIOT and Energy Efficient Machines.


  1. Intelligent Machine Automation
  2. ISA 88 based Machine Automation
  3. Energy Efficient Machines
  4. Multi – Axis Motion Control
  5. Centralised O&M Infrastructure for OEMs