Consumer Products and Goods

Consumer Products and Goods producers worldwide are reeling under tremendous margin pressure coupled with increasing compliance mandates from governments and regulatory bodies. With changing consumer demographics and preferences, New Product Introduction (NPI) capability and Time to Market are also becoming central to company’s survival strategy. Manufacturer’s worldwide are embracing a redefined operation excellence strategy buoyed by strong adoption of Manufacturing Visibility and Intelligence Platforms.

Greenwave’s CPG team along with Rockwell helps Large CPG Companies to gain visibility of their manufacturing operations by leveraging Rockwell’s Technology Platform and Greenwave’s understanding of CPG industry


  1. End to End Manufacturing Automation
  2. Batch Process Automation
  3. Packing Line Automation
  4. Yield Management Solution
  5. OEE Reporting and Plant Analytics
  6. Giveaway Visibility and Optimisation
  7. ERP Integration with Manufacturing Platform
  8. Utility Management Solution