Experience Based Learning

Experience Based Learning considers the learner to be the central point of the learning. At Greenwave, we practice the same philosophy for all our corporate and student learning programmes in Control and Automation space. Green~Experience™ offers a host of learning services under the brand name of Webel Automation & Convergence Academy (www.webel.aca.com)


Industry Ready Manpower Development

  1. Pre-onboarding customized training for fresh recruits
  2. Available across host of Industry Platforms
  3. Cuts Bench-time by more than 50%

Basic Certification in Industrial Automation

  1. Four Months Exhaustive Course in PLC, SCADA and Drives
  2. Industries Best Placement Programme
  3. Joint Certification by Webel and Greenwave

Corporate Refresher Courses

  1. Next Generation Technology Exposure- Future Ready
  2. Operations & Maintenance
  3. Industrial Networks
  4. OPC and Data Integration